IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

9th IEEE International Conference on Solid Dielectrics
8th-13th July, Winchester, Hampshire, UK


Background and Aims

The International Conference on Solid Dielectrics is a triennial conference that has been successfully held around Europe since its inauguration in Toulouse, France in 1983.

In 2004 it returned to Toulouse and as well as discussing the progress made in understanding of solid dielectric phenomena over the previous 21 years, time was also devoted to problems that are arising as new technologies are developed and applied.

This is made possible because ICSD provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange and discussion of ideas, research results and practical phenomena related to solid dielectrics exposed to electric fields and other stresses.

As such, this conference is an opportunity for physicists, chemists, material scientists and electrical engineers who are engaged in research, experimentation and practice in this field to come together, review collective progress, consider the latest developments and discuss the future challenges in the area of solid dielectrics.