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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory


Traditional insulator designs using either ceramics or glass have been superceded by polymeric and composite designs and we have a lot of experience of testing developments in this area.  Our salt fog chamber is also capable of supplying mist or rain at flow and dispersion levels that meet modern test standards.  Within the laboratory. the use of the chamber for testing of insulation systems is a common occurence and consequently early notice of a likely test is appreciated.  As well as salt fog testing we also have a controlled humidity and temperature room for conditioning samples (when required) prior to high voltage testing.  We can also undertake capacitance, tan delta and partial discharge measurements to the relevant BS and IEC standards. 

As well as testing new insulator designs we also have been involved in forensic investigation of insulators that have failed in service - for more details please see forensics.

Recently used standards

Number Name Year
NGTS 3.5.7 Installation Requirements for Auxiliary Cables 2002
BS EN 60383-1Insulators for overhead lines with nominal voltage above 1 kV — Part 1: Ceramic or glass insulator units for a.c. systems — Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria.1998
BS EN 60383-2;Insulators for overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1000 V — Part 2: Insulator strings and insulator sets for a.c. systems — Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria.1995
BS EN 62217Polymeric insulators for indoor and outdoor use with a nominal voltage > 1000 V — General definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria.2006
IEC 61109Composite insulators for a.c. overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000 V – Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria.


BS EN 60507 IEC 507Artificial pollution tests on high-voltage insulators to be used on a.c. systems.1993 1991

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