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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Material Characterisation

In the process of product development the characterisation of materials in terms of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties plays an important role.  Within the laboratory we have the capability to undertake most standard tests and when required we can also access specialist test equipment and expertise from within the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Mathematics.  Often with forensic investigation it is necessary to characterise materials and interpret the results in terms of cause or effect of a given problem/failure.

Recently used standards

Number Name Year
BS EN 60243-1 IEC 60243-1Electrical strength of insulating materials — Test methods — Part 1: Tests at power frequencies1998
BS EN 60243-2 IEC 60243-2Electric strength of insulating materials — Test methods — Part 2: Additional requirements for tests using direct voltage2001
BS EN 60243-3 IEC 60243-3Electrical strength of insulating materials — Test methods — Part 3: Additional requirements for 1,2/50 μs impulse tests2002 2001
BS 5626-3.5 IEC 554-3-5Cellulosic papers for electrical purposes — Part 3: Specifications for individual materials — Section 3.5 Special papers1995 1984
BS EN 60554-2Cellulosic papers for electrical purposes — Part 2: Methods of test2002
BS 5620-3.3 IEC 554-3-3Cellulosic papers for electrical purposes1982 1980
BS EN 60811-1-2 IEC 811-1-2Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables — Part 1-2: General application — Thermal ageing methods1995 1985
If you are considering materials characterisation tests and analysis please contact us outlining your requirements.


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