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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber - Ultra-High throughput vacuum system Chamber system

Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber

The Ultra-High throughput Bi-Turbo cylindrical Vacuum chamber is constructed from 404 stainless steel and 1.2m long, 0.6m in diameter. The chamber has a 10 cm view port on one end and the other is a hinged door for quick access. The door has ISO mounting point on the inside for experimental apparatus mounting and four NW40CF as well as one NW16CF ports for electrical/gas feedthroughs through the door.  Aside the door, around the cylindrical surface there are eight NW40KF and one NW100CF ports. Finally there is two NW40CF ports in the centre of the chamber cylinder, and one NW40KF port at the far end. Lots of adaptors and feedthroughs are available on request.

Pumping system

The camber has two Ultra high throughput Edwards STP-iXA4506C turbomolecular maglev pumps giving a combined 8600 L/s (N2) pumping speed. The chamber has a base pressure of 1.1*10^-7 mbar (unbaked) and the pressure and pumping speed can be seen below for various gases and flow rates up to 20 SCCM. Though if needed flow rates up to 8600 SCCM are possible. The pressure is measured with calibrated Edwards Active Penning & Pirani Gauge. Different gases are available on request.

Flow rate graphs

Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber Graph1.PNG

Figure 1. Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber Pumping speed

Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber Graph2.PNG

Figure 2. Bi-Turbo Vacuum Chamber Pressure/Flow-rate

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