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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Condition Monitoring

condition monitoring

Methods that allow the condition of transmission plant to be monitored have been extensively researched. Of particular interest are partial discharge (pd) monitoring methods for high voltage cable circuits, large autotransformers and bushings.

For cable systems, different sensing technologies have been applied to two test loops (90kV and 132kV cables) that contain known defects. For continuous on-line monitoring applications the laboratory has developed techniques for processing on-line measurement data from capacitive couplers and radio frequency current transformers. Current work has developed techniques for discriminating between multiple pd sources.  National Grid funded research into an optically based pd data transmission system that requires no additional power sources at the measurement point has produced very promising results. This technology allows the on-line condition monitoring of long cable circuits (20km or more) to be effectively undertaken.

Work on transformers has been concerned with condition assessment by pd measurement at the bushing tap points as well as fundamental studies into specific failure modes, such as creep stress failure of interwinding pressboard.  This research is on-going and is also funded by the National Grid.


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