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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Marine Energy

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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory and the National Oceanography Centre Southampton are further developing their links to tackle a number of interdisciplinary issues in the area of subsea power transmission.  Significant activity is ongoing in the area of subsea, high voltage power cables - an element of our electricity infrastructure which is becoming more and more critical as the levels of offshore renewable energy increase and electricity market liberalisation leads to more HVDC interconnectors between countries to trade energy.

By drawing together world leading expertise in high voltage engineering and the marine environment, our projects seek to drive down the risk associated with offshire cable installations, which must operate reliably in challenging environments for periods in excess of 25 years.  Key to this is further developing our understanding of how cable systems interact with the seabed, along with how the state of the seafloor around the cable evolves over the life of the asset.  For example, the thermal properties of the seabed in which the cable is buried are critical to ensuring that the desired levels of power can be safely transmitted along the cable.  The advanced thermal modelling techniques under development by our research, in tandem with work on advanced surveying techniques, will deliver a step change in how subsea cable systems are rated - reducing conservatism while ensuring reliability for the long term.


  • Subsea HVDC connections
  • Towards Enhanced HVDC Cable Systems
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