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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory


Wednesday 22nd October 2014
Research Seminar: Dr. Jack Hunter
Wednesday 8th October 2014
CEIDP Practice Seminar
Wednesday 24th September 2014
Research Seminar: Dr. Matt Praeger
Wednesday 10th September 2014
Research Seminar: Prof. George Chen
Wednesday 27th August 2014
Research Seminar: PGR 9 month reports
Wednesday 13th August 2014
Research Seminar: PGR 9 month reports
Wednesday 30th July 2014
Research Seminar: PGR 9 month reports
Wednesday 16th July 2014
Research Seminar: Prof. Alun Vaughn
Prof. Paul Lewin
Wednesday 2nd July 2014
Research Seminar: Prof. Paul Lewin
Wednesday 18th June 2014
ICDL Practice Seminar
Wednesday 4th June 2014
EIC Practice Seminar
Dr. James Pilgrim
Wednesday 21st May 2014
HV lab Research Seminar
Dr. Thomas Andritsch
Wednesday 23rd April 2014
Research Seminar
Dr. Igor Golosnoy
Wednesday 9th April 2014
Research Seminar
Safwan Abd Rahman
Wednesday 26th March 2014
PhD seminar
Chen Chang
Wednesday 12th March 2014
Transfer seminar
Stelios Christou
Wednesday 26th February 2014
Transfer seminar
Hisham Alghamdi
Wednesday 12th February 2014
Transfer seminar
Lubo Petrov
Wednesday 29th January 2014
Application of nonlinear methods to Partial Discharge Analysis
Dr. Jose Lopez-Roldan
Tuesday 14th January 2014
Experience with the Application of Radio Frequency Signal Detection to Partial Discharge Diagnostic monitoring of HV plant
Wednesday 8th January 2014
UHVnet practise session
Prof. Akiko Kumada
Wednesday 20th November 2013
Electro-optic sensors for measuring high voltage and discharge phenomena
Miao Hao and Siew Phuan
Wednesday 16th October 2013
PhD seminars
Hidayat Zianudinn and Ning Liu
Wednesday 9th October 2013
PhD seminars
Kwan Lau and Rui Huang
Wednesday 25th September 2013
PhD Seminars
Michael Clifford (University of Nottingham)
Wednesday 18th September 2013
Natural Fibres and Sustainable composites

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