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The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory


Speakers TBC
Wednesday 17th August 2016
9 month seminars and monthly lab meeting
Speakers TBC
Tuesday 12th July 2016
9 month seminars and monthly lab meeting
Speakers TBC
Tuesday 28th June 2016
ICD practise
Sijun, Thanarat, Nik, George C, Adnan and Lu Cui
Tuesday 14th June 2016
EIC practise and monthly lab meeting
Zhiqiang Xu
Wednesday 18th May 2016
Staff seminar and monthly meeting
Alexander Daylan-Iliopoulos
Friday 29th April 2016
TDHVL seminar
Stelios Christou
Wednesday 23rd March 2016
PhD seminar
Dr Ayad Al-Khoury
Wednesday 17th February 2016
TDHVL seminar
Dayuan Qiang
Wednesday 27th January 2016
TDHVL seminar
Sijun Wu, Yan Wang
Wednesday 13th January 2016
TDHVL seminar
Dr Jelena Lukic
Thursday 17th December 2015
Sulphur Corrosion in Power Transformers
Adnan Fazal
Wednesday 2nd December 2015
Smart materials and a reflection on my PhD experience
Sijun Wu, Hisham Alghamdi
Wednesday 18th November 2015
TDHVL seminars
Paul Lewin
Wednesday 4th November 2015
High voltage research methodologies: A guarantee of PhD success
Professor Keith Smettem
Wednesday 4th November 2015
Tracking underground chloride movement using low cost sensors
Wednesday 14th October 2015
CEIDP practise session
Rui Huang
Wednesday 16th September 2015
PhD seminar

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