The University of Southampton

The Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory has always provided a commercial testing service alongside its research activity. Indeed, the original building on the current site was developed specifically for testing submarine fibre optic cables and accessories.

Our range of testing capability has increased considerably since that time and we now offer a comprehensive service. If you have not previously used our service, please read the introduction before contacting us, since this may answer some of your questions.

Facilities and Testing Capabilities

Details of our basic range of test facilities are outlined on this page. We also have additional specialist research experiments and equipment that may be used for commercial testing if required.

Bushings and Insulators

We have the capability to test all types of bushing. We can also perform capacitance and tan delta measurements.

Cable and Accessories

As one of our specialist areas of activity, we are well-equipped to meet the testing, modelling and consultancy needs of the cable and cable accessory industry.


Non-destructive testing during and the examination of components that have either failed or have been removed from service based on condition assessment is of primary importance not only to manufacturers but also to system operators.

Material Characterisation

A significant proportion of our industrially funded research is concerned with dielectric materials and measurement of their properties. Consequently we are able to characterise materials in terms of their electrical, mechanical and thermal behaviour.


The testing of switchgear, related apparatus and enclosures has been a regular activity within the Laboratory since it first opened in 1991.


Over the years we have worked with many clients developing products in areas where international testing standards have yet to be established.