The University of Southampton

Facilities and Testing Capabilities

We offer commercial testing, technical consultancy and a modelling/simulation service to support industrial customers through a range of activities including:

MV discharge
  • Development testing
  • Type approval
  • Material characterisation
  • Forensic Analysis
  • FEA modelling (mechanical, thermal, electrical)

The laboratory facilities include:

  • 2 main high voltage halls
  • 15 discrete high-voltage test areas
  • Temperature and humidity controlled room 5-50oC, 10-80%RH
  • Faraday room
  • Environmental / Salt-fog chamber
  • Materials Laboratory for electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical characterisation
  • Partial Discharge, Capacitance and Tan Delta measurements
  • Sample Preparation Room
  • Forensic Rooms (X-ray analysis, Raman microprobe and IR spectroscopy)
  • Specialist HV engineering workshop

HV Supplies within the laboratory:

  • 1MV / 50kJ lightning and switching impulse generator
  • 300kV AC, pd free
  • 600kV DC

MV Supplies:

  • 280kV lightning and switching impulse generator
  • 200kV AC, pd free
  • 140kV DC
  • Range of current transformers (to 3kA)

Vacuum Systems:

The laboratory offers testing to International and British Standards and staff have access to the full database of British Standards.