The University of Southampton

Introduction and General Information

Our expertise in high voltage systems and technology is available, if required, during the process of conducting tests to an agreed standard.

TDVHL hall

This means that we can actively assist with the process of product development and are willing to undertake additional tests if time allows. Generally, our customers are either developing/improving products or need to have tests completed in the presence of either their client or an independent witness.  

Getting your product tested

Please refer to our pages for specific information about tests available, because a lot of time can be saved if you provide some additional information in your initial enquiry (see contact and directions). The process is fairly straightforward: having established the tests that you require and verified that they are within our range of capabilities, we will provide you with a formal quote. If you wish to proceed with the work then we will need to receive a purchase order before we agree the testing date(s).  The customer is responsible for both delivery and collection of the items to be tested. We request payment once any reports or certificates have been supplied.

How we quote

A quote will be based on the time required to prepare for and then undertake the test. We determine the number of days required for a series of tests, where our minimum bookable time is a half-day. For long-term testing (e.g. 1000 hour salt fog tests) we use a reduced daily rate that reflects the amount of technical support the test requires over its duration. There is an additional charge for the preparation of reports and or certificates. Current rates are available on request.


We calibrate our measurement equipment to UKAS standards. We have standard meters that are only used for calibration and are regularly calibrated using an external accredited service. Although not directly UKAS accredited we can provide an accredited service if required; please contact us for further details.