The University of Southampton

Our wide range of research interests predominantly involve experimentation supported by theoretical modelling and simulation studies. The short summary below includes links to more details and specific projects.

Advanced Materials

The development of new advanced materials is of global interest because we now have the capability to 'design' a dielectric to have specific properties. It is also important that widely applied insulation materials have minimal environmental impact.

Condition Monitoring

The operating condition and health of transmission and distribution assets is of great importance to ensure both security and quality of supply. Our interests span a range of high and medium voltage plant.

High Voltage Engineering

Our interests cover the design and operation of a wide range of high voltage systems, including power networks, transport systems and bespoke HV circuits.

Modelling and Simulation

Direct measurements of asset conditions are often impractical. Our research has pioneered new ways of simulation power system components, often for the purpose of optimisation.

Plasma and Space Science

Plasma plays an important role in electrical breakdown. Our interests are primarily in low temperature plasma with a focus on their application to space propulsion and energy.